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Ralph Waldo Emerson[1] once said "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." Some might say that this places unreasonable expectations on an acorn, and may lead to a forest with self-image issues, but it is also one of the founding principles behind Schematica.

Gimmie the Details! Edit

Schematica can be thought of as blueprints, and allow players to craft in-game items, equipment and building materials. It works on a tiered system, so simple items are combined into more complex items, which are in turn combined into increasingly complex items and so on.

Schematica can be discovered in ancient ruins, as rewards for quests, through the Item Store and many other ways. Some are unique, and cannot be traded, whilst others can be shared with friends or sold as you wish.

Gathering Schematica is important, as it is only through crafting that players gain access to higher level equipment, without which survival is very difficult indeed. If you're not much of a crafter yourself, many players are willing to give you good deals on equipment in return for rare Schematica - so keep your eyes open, and explore every area you visit carefully!