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So let's say you're playing some other browser-based game. You know, slumming it whilst you wait for World Blue to load up. Maybe you're walking through a village, and you're thinking to yourself "Man, this village must have been designed by a blind midget. I hope I have some say in how World Blue villages are set up." Well, first of all, that's a very size-ist thing to say and you should be ashamed of yourself. Second of all: You do!

Gimmie the Details! Edit

Every community area in the game (villages, outposts, even the Cityships) has a Quartermaster facility in it. When you visit one of these Quartermasters you are presented with a list of available upgrade options ranging from improving roads for better travel to enlarging the local item store so you get access to a larger stock. These options each have a list of resource requirements that must be donated before the upgrade can take place.

The upgrade requirements are usually very large, and it is impossible for one single player to donate all the resources herself. Players must work together to transform each area into what they want it to be.

Note that by upgrading one area, other upgrade options may be disabled! Work together with a group to make sure that the upgrade YOU want is the one that gets the resources!

Once all the resources have been donated to an upgrade option, the option will be closed and work will begin! This usually takes between 24 and 48 hours in real time so be patient! Once the upgrade work is done, it will appear in the game world for everyone to see and admire!

This is the only non-flash browser-based game in the world to offer this feature! Cool, huh?