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World Blue uses a grid-based movement system. You've probably seen it used quite a lot if you've played many other browser-rpgs or old video games. Generally the way it works is that the game map is divided into square boxes and characters move box by box (I.e. press the left button and you move into the box on your left). However, World Blue scoffs at notions of "generally" and so they give you - Pixel-Perfect Movement!

Gimmie the Details! Edit

It's quite simple at heart. Normal movement is handled in the standard grid system, moving box to box. However, when you hit an obstacle the system changes to pixel-pefect movement. This means that instead of moving between boxes, your character moves within the box.

So where other rpgs might make your character arbitrarily stop a few feet away from a rock, World Blue allows you to walk right up next to that sucker and give it a good kicking for daring to stand in your way! Well, sitting in your way. You get the idea.

This has no real effect on gameplay, but it does look cool; and if the Fonzie taught us anything it's that looking cool is much more important than serving a useful purpose.