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"Everyone likes pets, right?" Was the design decision behind this feature. I mean really, look at all the cash Pokemon and Nintendogs is raking in. Icewinds wants some of that phat lewt too!

Gimmie the Details! Edit

Pets are a very rare feature in the game, and can only be acquired through super-secret Schematica. These Schematica allow you to hatch certain Crystal Eggs, which contain unique pets.

These pets can be trained to respond to typed commands (such as "go", "stay", "fetch" and "attack") in a special mini-game, available through the left menu in-game. You can also reward or punish your pet depending on how well they respond to your commands.

Each pet can be brought into battle with you, and if they are well-trained enough they can be an awesome force by your side!

Of course, if they're not well-trained, they'll likely just wander around aimlessly or else start peeing on your leg.