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Species Human
Gender Female
Home Derasburg
Relationships None
Enemies None
First Appearance Chapter 1
Last Appearance Chapter 1
Status Alive
"The problem with poor people is that there are so many of them."
— Florence

Florence is the primary healer of World Blue, and is loosely based on the Florence Nightingale of history [1] However, where history's Florence was a genuinely kind and selfless person, the Florence of World Blue is quite the reverse - a spoilt and selfish young lady who only tends to the sick to "reduce some of the stink around here".


Florence is one of the original NPCs that appeared in Derasburg when World Blue was first released, and of all the NPCs she remains the most unchanged by the events going on around her. She can be found at all times in the hospital, although she never stops complaining about all the ill-smelling invalids. When questioned about why she chose to come to Derasburg, she will avoid the question.

Despite her cold and haughty attitude, the patients under her care sing her praises and will violently defend her against any attack, physical or verbal.


"The problem with poor people is that there are so many of them."

"I'm not administering any suppository. You can do it yourself, it builds character."

"Well you should have thought of that before you starting vomiting all over my nice floors." to a patient complaining of the smell.


  • She is based - very loosely - upon Florence Nightingale.
  • The hospital where Florence works is called "My Lady of the Lamp", a reference to an unofficial title bestowed on Florence Nightingale.
  • If you look in Florence's desk, your character will mention that there is a book in there called "Notes on Nursing". This was an actual book written by Florence Nightingale.
  • In conversation, Florence may mention a "Dr. Stiles", but say that they had to let him go because "he went a little crazy and started carving pentagrams into his patients. Very sad." This is a reference to the Nintendo DS game "Trauma Center" [2]