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Michael Faraday
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Relationships Unknown
Enemies Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 1
Last Appearance Chapter 1
Status Alive
"I tinker with this... I tinker with that... I press a button here, and voila! Your eyebrows are gone."
— Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday is a genius inventor and tinkerer and is responsible for over 80% of all the steam technology breakthroughs in the last 20 years. He is loosely based around the historical Michael Faraday [1]


Michael Faraday is a genius, but he is also very unstable. Growing up on the Surrey Satellite he displayed an unparalleled aptitude for machinery and by his tenth birthday he had been summoned by Charming Decree to London. There he met a young girl called Sarah Barnard and ten years later they married.

Their union was to be a short one, however. A few weeks after their marriage, Faraday was demonstrating to Sarah a new form of power he had discovered when something went wrong and Sarah was killed in the ensuing explosion. Badly scarred on the right side of his face, Faraday spent the next few weeks recovering before discharging himself from hospital and promptly disappearing.

Since then, his technological advancements have been appearing with greater frequency, although nobody is sure where exactly they're coming from. The few people who claim to have met Faraday report strange behaviour - an almost child-like amusement in his inventions coupled with occasional intense bursts of destructive anger.

Recent reports indicate that he may be living somewhere on the Derasburg islands, but these remain unconfirmed.


"I tinker with this... I tinker with that... I press a button here, and voila! Your eyebrows are gone."

"It's a question of size. Smaller components, less power consumption, and who knows? One day we may wake up to find we have created man."

"You need to understand something; I intend to kill us all."


  • Faraday is based on the historical Michael Faraday, considered by many to be the father of the electrical age.
  • It is hinted that the "new form of power" that Faraday was working on before Sarah's death was actually electricity.