Dynamic Avatar System
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Imagine that you found the legendary flaming sword of Drigith. How awesome would it be if it showed up on your avatar? Your glorious achievement would not go unnoticed as you stroll through the village wielding flaming death for everyone to see.

Well imagine no longer - dynamic avatars are here!

Gimmie the Details! Edit

The Dynamic Avatar System allows players to create unique avatars by allowing them to edit gender, hair, eye and skin tone options. Also, any equipment that the player wears will also appear on their avatar. These changes show up on the game map, as players walk around, and are visible to all other players. Basically, big-name MMORPG character editing in a browser-based game!

New character styles, clothing and weaponry is released every week so there is a lot to choose from, and it is very rare to meet two players with identical avatars.

Icewind Studios would like to make it clear that they cannot be held responsible for any offences to fashion you may see - or perpetrate - in the course of the game.