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World Blue Floating Islands
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Derasburg is the name of the first of the floating islands discovered by scouts from the Cityship London. Its name is taken from a large stone in the center of the island, upon which the word Derasburg is inscribed. A focal point for adventurers, Derasburg has become the center of a boom town industry.

Derasburg Market Edit

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The market was one of the first areas created, and is where all the stores are gathered - both NPC and player-run.

Derasburg Industrial Edit

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Derasburg Industrial is situated south of the Market and Old Quarter and it is Derasburg's main industrial centre. It also houses the docks, and is the only way to descend to the Underlands.

Derasburg Old Quarter Edit

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This area of Derasburg is the site of a large impact crater, the cause of which is still unknown. The impact caused great damage to island, and many of the buildings in the surrounding area and still ruined.

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